unlock-your-potential1Randomly one morning I discovered a contact request in Skype. It was from a young woman called Lauren who upon my further inquiry, explained:

i got ure name from the directory here on skype cuz i was bored and lookin for new people to talk to. lol”…

I’m pretty strict with my contacts and my time… yet, in that moment I found myself with several questions coming to mind, so I took a moment to capture them.

I sent them to Lauren, and until now at least have not had a reply!

I realised on reflection that these questions were as relevant to me as they may well be to Lauren.

I thought that rather than just leave them to a singular thread of conversation with a stranger I’ll likely never meet, that I would post them.

Perhaps they somehow speak to you too.

In Joy!


Dear Lauren,

What makes your heart sing?

What is it that you long for and that your soul yearns to be addressed before you leave this life?

How is it that after all of these years of life on this extraordinary planet, you find yourself in a situation where you would randomly reach out to someone you’ve never met and with no explanation invite that they connect with you? I have no value judgement on this… I’m just curious!

Why are you here? What meaning do you ascribe to your existence and in light of this, how do you wish to show up to life? In what ways and to what ends?

If every one of us has a unique gift to offer to the world (at least one) then what is yours and how do you intend to go about sharing it, and by when, and with whom, or with what?

Where is your community and to whom do you turn to in those moments when you find yourself longing for connection, consolation, the compassionate embrace of another as you seek to embrace the diversity of life’s experience, bombarding your consciousness on a daily basis?

How do you experience yourself in those moments when you find yourself most alone? Are you your own best friend and do you love yourself enough to consider questions like these that I ask?

If there is one thing that you would do today, that most demonstrated the fact that in essence you are a child of Love’s expression, and through the conduct of your action, the world would discover the same, then what would that be? And how might your experience be different today and for every other day that you’re alive, if you were to ask yourself this question regularly and then act in harmonious resonance with your answer?

How will you most nourish the child in you that cries?

How will you most celebrate your joy?


What would love do now?