beyond dualityFor longer than you or I, humanity has danced en-mass in a dualistic domain of light and dark, good and bad. Groups have congregated together and polarised with their brothers and sisters. Standing opposed one another on the basis of differing opinion and ideology. We’ve been imprisoned in a nightmare of our own separation. Longing for completion whilst severing ourselves.

Look out upon the landscape, the result of a thousands year war. A war, not just around us, but within the very depths of our being. Divided inside, and that which was blessed us, that we may be whole, cast out, aside, and on to the other, demonised and distorted, whilst we seek to express our fullness with only half our resource.

How could this have been, this great separation? That from the moment of birthing into this world, we’ve sought alignment with what seemingly serves, whilst severing that which we believe serves us not. Influenced and cagouled by those who came before and by the same measure. Feeding one, unto the other, the delusion of a separate self; a fundamental right and wrong.

The measure of our okay-ness being the reaction of those who surround us. The determining factor of unfolding, the approval or rejection of those who also have rejected themselves.

All courage lost, to a beast of disapproval, we fool ourselves with the belief that we know – truth. That those who stand with us, our allies, and those opposed, misguided, mistaken…

A matrix surrounds us, a manifestation of our collective division. Disconnection from body, disconnection from earth. Divided and polarised, our creative life force, spent in the effort to resist our wholeness, and that little that remains, invested in seeking allies and imagining, repelling, an imagined enemy!

We are a family divided. We have committed the greatest of errors, the mistaken projection of ourselves to beyond.

It’s time for a transformation. A moment for discovery that the notion of duality as absolute, is itself but an infantile stage in the perception of ourselves. A remembering, that we transcend all division, exceed our furthest expectations. We have defined ourselves by what we believe we are not, rather than face the epic task of realising ourselves as all.

Wake up, sisters, brothers, for I am but you, come to remind yourself the way home. And you, I, the same.

That niggling subtle sense, of something not quite right, a final hurdle on a crossing from darkness into light, fueling the candle flame of consciousness. Realisation, that there is no wrong but that which arises as a consequence of this most misguided amputation. That that which is projected outwards is placed upon another to live on our behalf. And that no man was made to live more that his wholeness, no woman to express more than all she may be.

We limit ourselves in fear of an anticipated hell, a misery that exists, only because we fear it is so. A projection of godhead outwards and the delusion that there is an ultimate truth, contrasted by that which then must be false.

We miss that we are both the creators and creation of our own perception and that it is the illusion of self that imprisons us in this perpetual hell.

Yes, realise duality’s gifts, whilst please,  awaken to its addictive charms. We may enjoy all things by contrast to that which appears other, but to reject one for another is perhaps our greatest folly, with costs too high to afford.